History of Founders College

Founders College was established in 1965 as the first college on the Keele Campus. Since 1965, the College, its Masters, Fellows, Students and Founders College Student Council have participated actively in the development of a new university.

The orange and green College banner, designed by a distinguished Canadian artist, Harold Town, symbolizes the university at the centre of a twelve-college sun burst. Between the spurs of the banner one can also see stylized figures which are a reflection of the twelve aluminum- figure sculpture placed above the main entrance to the College in the quadrangle.

Founders Residence

Residence Life at Founders College is a program of Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD). SCLD enriches student life by promoting education, awareness and growth, celebrating diversity, encouraging collaboration, and developing citizenship. Residence Life and FCSC strive to work together, in partnership, to achieve a common goal of community growth. The Residence Life Coordinator is Weston Eckert and can be reached at 416-736-2100 x 20065 or by e-mail at eckertw@yorku.ca.

Founders College Office of the Head


The Founders College Office of the Head provides services for the students of Founders College and administrative support for many of the offices within the college. The Office of the College Head organizes a spectrum of events ranging from poetry readings, music and dance nights, to workshops on various academic skills, lecture series and film screenings. The underlying purpose of these events is very simple: to keep us united as a community and to provide opportunities where we expand our minds beyond what we learn in the classroom. The Office of the College Head is located in Room 216 Founders College.