Meet Your Council

What is FCSC?

Founders College Student Council (FCSC) is a student run organization serving the students of Founders College at York University. We are committed to building community spirit within Founders College through the development and implementation of various events. FCSC works for the students, by planning events that will allow you to have fun as well as receive an education. We offer something for each and every one of you. We plan parties for you outgoing people, organize charity events and discussions for those who want to help make a difference within the community and we offer intramural sports and trips for all you athletes who love to stay fit.

Alejandro Barreto I President
Ridin Zamini I Vice-President of Operations
Samantha Lamantha | Vice-President of Athletics
Steven Brutto | Director of Athletics
Austin Leyte | Athletics Representative
Athletics Committee
Mark Tricarico I Vice-President of Academics
Amorin Amello | Director of Academics
Academics Committee
Nakyta Folkes | Vice-President of Social
Dania Ismail | Director of Social
Victoria Bicknell | YFS Representative
Matt Azar | Chief Returning Officer
Kwabena Owusu | Director of Administration
Rosie Bentulan | Vice-President of Finance
Majeed Zabsonre | Assistant Director of Finance
Sofia Arevalo | Vice-President of Promotions
TaneishaJada Scicluna | Director of Promotions
First Year Social Representative |
First Year Athletics Representative |

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